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"Have you seen him? He's working today.."

|   "Not since 3, [ f/n ]. Listen, just calm down..I'm pretty sure he'll be okay.."   |

"I-I don-don't know Rin..I've been telling myself that all the time.."

The one you two were talking about was Rin's best friend and your boyfriend; Sousuke Yamazki. Rin introduced you to his best friend back when when you three were small toddlers running around with their lunch in their backpack. After you had moved to live in England for a few years, you hand't realized that Rin had moved as well. After realizing what happened, you felt guilty for leaving Sousuke behind with no one for him to talk to. Coming back for your 3rd year in high school, you got accept to a, all girls private school just a street down next to an all boys school. You were walking home one day when you encountered the two men, all three of you shocked to see each other. You slightly smiled at the memory of your small reunion, but what made you the happiest was when Sousuke himself, confessed to you.


You were walking along side with Sousuke, Sousuke offering to walk you home since it was dark out. Rin knew about his little crush about you so he decided to go back himself and leave you two be. Sousuke had his hands in his pocket as he was looking anywhere else beside you, nervously trying to calm down the nerves that were dancing inside his stomach.



"Are you..okay? You're acting a lit--"

"I like you!"

You were a bit shocked when he blurted that out, his face suddenly turning red. Your own face started to heat up rather quickly, your gaze suddenly finding your shoes rather interesting. you both just stood there on the side walk, facing each other, but not really looking at each other. Then thats when you heard a sigh and Sousuke shifted in his spot. You slightly took a glance as you watched him rubbing the back of his neck an his cheeks still embarrassed with the pink color.

", [ f/n ], ca-can I start o-over?"

He finally looked into your eyes, your face suddenly getting warmer at that moment and your eyes shifting to your feet again. You gave him a small nod, your hands slightly gripping your bag strap in the process. He took a deep breath, slowly exhaling as he hands came out to gently take yours. You watched as he led your hands to the middle of the both of you, his fingers intertwining in the process. He let one hand go to use it and lift your chin so that you were looking up at him. He leaned forward, your foreheads touching. He took another deep breath, watching him as he was trying to calm himself down. Then, he spoke.

"[ f/n ], I like a really long time..a-and I would appreciate it..I-If you be my girlfriend.."

You looked at him as he opened his eyes, looking into your [ e/c ] ones. That simple gesture made his blush barely show, the embarrassed feeling overlooking his facial features. You closed your eyes, taking in what he said and giggled to which made Sousuke's heart flutter. You opened them once more to look into those sea green eyes and smile, intertwining your hands again.

"I would love to Sousuke Yamazaki. I like you too."

And within that moment, he engulfed you into a hug that you couldn't possibly forget. You walked home that day with your best friend and boyfriend, hand in hand.


|   "[ f/n ]? Are you still there?"   |

" you think he's cheating o--"

|   "[ f/n ], you know that he would never do such a thing!"   |

For 6 years, you and Sousuke have been together. Sousuke and Rin got jobs as policemen and you got a job at the hospital since you had your Masters degree in Surgery and your PHD. You buried your face into your hand, the other holding your phone to your ear. Suddenly, you heard his car pull up on the driveway, making you look up from your hand.

"Rin, I have to go."

|   "Wait, you know that Sousuke would never do anything to hurt you. You're a great person and the most important person in Sousuke's life.   |

You were standing in the kitchen, your body leaning against the counter as you listened to your friend. You sighed to yourself, still listening and thinking to what he was saying. You failed to notice Sousuke walk through the front door and notice you in the kitchen, he slowly leaned against the doorway, watching you on the phone. 

"Rin, I really appreciate it but I have to go. Yeah, I'll talk to you later. Bye.."

As you ended the call, you let out another sigh and stuff your phone in your pocket. You continued to stand there, your hand reaching behind you and rubbing the back of your neck. Your boyfriend looked at you and looked down at his feet, before removing himself from the wall and approaching you. 


You slightly flinched from the sudden approached and looked up from your feet and into the sea green eyes that you grew to love every time. You stood up straight, slightly fixing yourself as you approached Sousuke and giving a soft kiss on the cheek.

"He-Hey, welcome home.."

You stuttered, looking at the counter as you were taking out the dinner you had made earlier. Sousuke watched you as he was leaning on the counter, watching you preparing some of your homemade dinner on a plate. It was silent, so he decided to break it.

"Who were you talking to?"

"To Rin."

He continued to look at you putting the dish in the microwave and waiting patiently for the meal to heat up properly.

"What were you talking about?"

Your body tensed a little on the spot, your eyes not looking at his anymore. Sousuke continued to stare you down, his eyes boring into your body. Once the food was finished, you gently took it out from the microwave and placed the utensil on it. You handed it to him, and looked at him for a moment, before turning away. Finally, Sousuke had enough of it. He lifted himself from the counter and grabbed your wrist, hearing your breath hitch a little. You still didn't turn around to look at him, which made his body nervous and tense as well.

"What were you talking about.."

"W-We weren't..talking about anything.."

"[ f/n ], please don't lie to me."

You kept your gaze on the floor, your left wrist captured by his hand. Sousuke was nervous and honesty, a little scared. Was she tired of him? Was she going to leave him for his best friend? Sousuke's grip tightened just a fraction and your hand slightly twitched.

"So-Sousuke you--"

"Are you tired of me?"

He suddenly blurted out, catching your attention. You finally looked up and looked over your shoulder to look at the tall man, noticing that he wasn't looking at you.

"Are you tired of being with me..?"

"Sousuke, i--its not like that..--"

"Then what is it? Every time I come home, I try to talk to you, try to have a conversation with you, but you don't seem so interested."

You were worried and you turned around, facing him completely. You tried to make him look at you, but he was starting to be stubborn. You were having that strange feeling in your gut, which was scaring you completely. You continued to try and look at him but he was just looking away. That's when panic started to take over you once he let go of your wrist.

"A--Are you cheating on me? With my best friend?"

"So-Sousuke, you know that I will never do that!"

"Then why the fuck won't you look at me and have a decent conversation with me anymore!? Don't you have faith in me at all!?"

"I thought you were tired of me!!"

Sousuke stood still now, his eyes fixed at your shaking figure. You buried your face into your hands again, feeling the tears stinging your eyes and slightly falling into the palms of your hands. After hearing nothing but your muffled sobs, you decided to continue your side of the story.

"Yo-You always co-come home late, no-not telling me why and al-all you do is come back tired. I tr-try as much as I ca-can to wait fo-for you, but the more I wait..the more I get worried..! I talk to Rin be-because..I get lonely..its like automatic whe--"

Sousuke suddenly pulled you closer to him, catching you by surprise. Your eyes widened as you looked up at the man who held both of your wrists together. He was looking into your eyes which made you shiver just a tad. 


It was too much for him to even handle. He swooped in, claiming your pink lips against his own. You were taken by surprise yet again, but it was a good feeling. A very good feeling. As Sousuke kissed those lips, your trembling figure melted within his grasp and kissed him back. You were so entranced with the kiss, you didn't mind at all that he started to move until your back was pressed against the hallway wall. Your wrists were no longer caught and you had wrapped them around his neck. Despite your height, it was a little bit of a struggle to stand on your toes for a long period of time. At this, Sousuke smirked as he hoisted you up, a small squeak muffling in between your lips. He pressed you further as you wrapped your legs around his waist, now eye level with the policeman. Pulling away, due to the lack of oxygen, you looked down for a moment while he was wiping off that small string of saliva that connected the two mouths. Your cheeks were a blushing mess, which made him chuckle the slightest.

"You know I would never cheat on you, [ f/n ]."

With this, you looked up, finally having the courage to meet his gaze. His eyes softened as you continued to look at him in the eyes, his thumb grazing over your cheeks as he wiped away your tears.

"You're everything to me, [ f/n ]. Losing you would be my nightmare coming true."


"I'm sorry that I've been coming home late and not giving the attention you wanted.."

You looked at him as he looked away, but his arms still holding you as tight as before. You sighed as you let out a tired smile and hugged him, catching his attention once more.

"Its okay..I'm just so glad that I'm still important to you.."

"And what about me? You're not cheating on me, are you?"

"What? Of course not!"

"Good, then this wouldn't end up going to waste."


You were utterly confused as you looked at him, watching as a smug smirk was crossing his face. He settled you on your feet again and looked down at you. You blinked as you stood in front of him, tilting your head to the side.

"Sousuke, what are you talking about?"

"[ f/n ] [ l/n ].."

He continued to look into your eyes as he gentle grabbed your hands again, his thumbs caressing the back of your hands. You liked the gentle feeling as you looked down at your hands, then looking up at him once more. He was smiling a genuine smile as he started to talk again.

"You're very genuine in what you do and you're such a clumsy butt sometimes--"


He laughed as you smiled at him, still oblivious on what's really happening. He leaned in, kissing your forehead before continuing.

"I don't ever regret meeting you. And I don't ever regret making this decision."

He looked into your eyes for another moment before he slowly got down on one knee, your [ e/c ] eyes widening. He kept a grasp on your left hand, your right hand covering your mouth as new tears started to prickle your eyes. His gaze never left yours as continued to speak.

"For the past few years, I finally have the guts to say this to you for real. So, [ f/n ] [ l/n ]: will you marry me?"

"So-Sousuke..of course I will marry you.."

His eyes widened slightly as gave a smile grin, looking at you.



He smiled as he got up, lifting you as he pressed his lips against yours in a gentle manner, unlike before. You kissed him back, wrapping your arms around his neck as he held you close and buried himself into your hair. He sighed with relief as he let you go, gently taking your left hand and slipping the engagement ring onto your finger. You were wiping your tears away as you looked at him, your hands cupping his cheeks. He smiled, resting his forehead on top of yours as he held you close by the waist. 

"I told you to have faith in me."

"Sousuke, don't ruin the mood."

"I love you too, Mrs. Yamazaki~"

Tonight, was a dream come true for the both of you. 

Oh my god. I cried while writing this. Cry forever 
M AN I DO HA VE A PROBLEM.Hibiya Amamiya (Cries) [V2] 
Anyways: This is for the: swimminganimexreader.deviantar… contest so I hope the judges enjoy! 
And for all of my watchers, thank you for taking the time to read this one shot!
I love all you guys and the SWIMMER BOIISS.
Makoto Tachibana (Surprised) [V1] Haru and Rei (First Meeting) [V1] Hazuki Nagisa (Glasses) [V2] Haruka Nanase (Surprised) [V1] Rin Matsuoka (Peeking and Hawt Body) [V2] 
Love you, bai~ Heart Love 
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