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Yawning as you were making your way to class, your classmates greeted you with a muffled good morning. You planted yourself on your desk seat, taking out the needed materials for today's lesson. It wasn't long until you felt hands press themselves on your desk, making you flinch. You looked at the owner of the pair of firm looking hands, finding yourself to be looking up at a slightly grinning Kuroo Tetsuro. You rolled your eyes, looking back to organizing your things.

"What do you want, Tetsuro-kun?"

"Aw, what's with that? You don't have to be so formal with me, [ f/n ]-chan~ You're never formal with Kenma."

You looked at him once again, a smirk rising on your lips. His eye slightly twitch at the sudden change of mood in the air, making your smirk widen.

"What, are you jealous?~"

He flinched and slammed his hands on your desk again, slightly catching you off guard. He leaned forward, making sure that your faces were in a very close proximity to make you uncomfortable. 

"I may be jealous but I will make you -the hottest girl in school- my girlfriend. No matter how stubborn you are."

He slightly growled. You looked at him, giving him an innocent smile. He slightly flinched from the sudden change in mood and slightly blushed, looking at you.

"I'll be looking forward to you giving up, Tetsuro-kun~"

He finally left for his classroom, leaving you alone in peace. You sighed as your vision was caught by the slight breeze outside the window, the cherry blossoms riding along the winds. Hours passed by as the lessons soon came to a close for the day. You stretched from your seat, sighing with content and relief. You were so tired for the whole day trying to avoid Kuroo, you ended up hiding in the girl's restroom for your whole break! He kept commenting how you looked today, and was trying to be sweet by helping you with your gym class. Heck, he even tried to give you chocolate in home economics class! You sighed tiredly as you packed your things, finding out that you were the last one. As you left the classroom, you happened to hear someone whistle toward your direction. Looking, you mentally face palmed and rolled your eyes.

"Do you take your time to pack your things? You take forever!"

"Why are you here, Kuroo?"

"'Kuroo'? What happened to 'Tetsuro-kun'?~"

You glared at him as you walked right past him, Kuroo following you down to the first level of the building.

"I was waiting for you since I was hoping we could walk home together."

You took off your slippers, exchanging with your regular shoes. Kuroo did the same as he was waiting patiently for you and your answer. You looked outside, before looking at the tall athlete. He wasn't wearing a smug grin or smirk but a face filled with concern. Your cheeks started to heat up suddenly, making you look away by instinct.

"I-I can walk home by myself..! I-I don-don't need you to walk me home, too.."

"But [ f/n ], its rea--"

"I said, I'll be fine!"

You said, dashing off of school campus. You can hear Kuroo's calls bellow behind you as you continued to sprint forward. You didn't know where you were headed, but you needed to get away somehow. You wanted to have some time alone, and not be bothered by some guy you know at school. You continued to run and run, until you found yourself at the empty park. You looked around, trying to catch your breath as you took a seat on one of the nearby benches. You sighed as you pulled your knees to your chest for a while to let yourself think, until suddenly it had started to rain. You groaned as you looked at the grey clouds that produced the rain droplets, glaring as hard as you could. You grabbed your things, and started to run again, completely lost on where you were. You stopped by a nearby cafe, not knowing that you had shuffled near the bad side of town. You shivered, hugging your body as you clutched your school bag to your chest. Your body then stiffened once you heard the sound of footsteps beside you.

"Well? What do w-we have here?~"

"You lost li-little lady?~"

You shook your head in disbelief as you tried to make a run for it, only for one of the men to grab your wrist and pull you back.

"Come on, do-don't be like that..~"

The man slurred as he started to drag you to the nearest alleyway. The rain continued to pour down on your poor body, your body struggling underneath the man's grip. You started to shake in fear until you were thrown to the concrete, the man from before looming over you. Your eyes were wide with fear as you were about to scream to the top of your lungs until the other man placed a dirty rag into your mouth.

"Now, all yo--you gotta do is stay s-still for us so w--we can have some fun..~ okay?"

You struggled underneath as he tried to feel your body with his rough hands, tears pricking at the end of your eyes. You were under a tight spot as you wanted to struggle to break free but it was no use. You were crying, whimpering for help as the rain fell on your face, hiding your tears.

'Kuroo. Kuroo, help me! Kuroo!!"

And as if the heavens had answered your prayers, someone had knocked out the guy that was on top of you. Your savior had started to fist fight with the other man, successfully knocking him out as well. You were barely covered with the ripped clothes you had on and your hands, feet and mouth was bound with used rope and a hankie. Your savior kneeled to your eye level, only to have more tears come out from your eyes. Kuroo stood before you, his face with a few cuts and his knuckles with the enemies' blood. 

"Lets get you out of here."

Grabbing your school bag, he picked you up with ease, letting you rest your head on his chest as he made a quick run to his house. Opening and shutting the door behind him, he walked in further inside the house and opened the door to which looked like his bedroom and a connecting bathroom. You were set down on the toilet, Kuroo removing the handkerchief and the ropes. Once the ropes were removed, you wrapped your arms around his neck, catching him by surprise. You fell on top of his lap, Kuroo looking down at you. He saw your shaking body as you hugged him as tight as you could, making him softly sigh with relief. He hugged you in return, hugging you just as tight.

"Thank you.."

You murmured, still shaking from the small trauma you had witnessed tonight. He stroked your hair in a soothing manner, calming you down from your fears.

"Don't ever leave my side ever again.."

He whispered as he lifted your face, making you look up at him. He wiped the tears away from your eyes as he leaned forward, kissing your lips with care. Melting, you kissed him back, your hands slowly moving to cup his cheeks. You finally pulled away, your lungs lacking the need of oxygen. You looked at each other again, both of you smiling as you just sat there, forehead to forehead in a comfortable silence.  
This has got to be the worst ending i have ever done in my entire life. rainbow dash my little pony mlp brony 
omfg. enjoy this 2 hour made fan fiction.Jordan Emoticon 
Love you BAAAII Pinkie Chibi Pie Dancing 
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omg that was beautiful thank you <3
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I love love love love love it <3
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Cant wait for more :)
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